Find & Click

Colorful free game with a unique, challenging and addicting gameplay. It is easy to learn and will offer its players a very original gaming experience.

Find the pattern drawn below the crown on the game board and click on it! Easy no? Ha, I forgot to tell you, you'll have to do it as quickly as possible, avoid catching penalties along the way, stay out of the danger zone and grab as many coins and bonuses as you can! Ready for the challenge?

What does it look like?

How do you like it?

Google Play Feedback - July 8, 2022

A very new gameplay, once the mechanics understood it's a real pleasure, very original ideas to deepen!

Christian Verlan
Google Play Feedback - September 14, 2022

Music that stays in your head, original gameplay with colors everywhere, a game full of good humor that still requires a little practice

Google Play Feedback - August 19, 2022

WARNING, it is very addictive. Some levels are quite difficult compared to others, it's pretty and the music is well chosen.

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